Zombies 2.0 Design Contest

You thought our zombie jerseys were dead and buried but because of the huge demand, we are raising them from the grave! And with Halloween and the third season of The Walking Dead fast approaching, there is no better time.

Let’s have some fun with this one. We’re showing off our creation below, but we want you to post your designs as well. We’ll give everyone an opportunity to comment on the one they like and the winning design will go on sale on Halloween from our new site: www.GeekyJerseys.com

By the way, if your design is chosen, you’ll see your artwork brought to life, and you’ll also receive  commission on every jersey that we sell. You’ll also get a jersey made for yourself, with your choice of name/number! So shake a (severed) leg and get drawing before we make anymore undead puns.

For jersey fans, we need your valued feedback. Tell us what you think of our design and what you’d love to see in a jersey that you’d wear. Post your comments here!

Thanks everyone! Trick or Treat!

The rules are simple:

– Create a team logo and jersey design (team name is optional).
– Submit one image sheet, with jersey front and back.
– If your jersey has crests/logos, be sure to also display them separately (just like our design above).
– Only 1 concept per person.
– Label the design with  your name (or pseudonym) as well as the name of your design.
– Must use all original art. Do not borrow from existing or past jerseys.
– All submissions due by: October 28.

Submit all concepts to: info@rinkgear.com

Follow us for updates:

Twitter: twitter.com/RinkGear
Facebook: www.facebook.com/rinkgearjerseys


3 Responses to Zombies 2.0 Design Contest

  1. theskepticalsamurai says:

    Love it! great looking design!

  2. sean says:

    that’s amazing. i want to give it a go. where can i get that template?

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