Geeky Jerseys – Design Submissions

We wanted to give a colossal thank you to everyone who have submitted designs to our Geeky Jerseys logo/tag design contest!

Since this is a pretty big deal to us, we’ve decided to extend the submission date of the contest. This will allow more of you to share ideas as well as provide feedback on the ones posted below.

We know that you were all expecting us to announce a winner, so to avoid being a total buzz kill,we’ll award a $100 gift prize to the design below that generated the most buzz here in the comments section.

Again, this contest is still open, so please feel free to submit your ideas to:

Thank you all again 🙂

Note: If you submitted a design and it does not appear below, you might not have followed the submissions details. Please review and resubmit and we’ll gladly post it.

Design by Derek Heilmann:

Design by Jason Lean:

Design by Dave Delisle:

Design by Jason Tracewell:

Design by AJ Dooley:

Design by Kristopher Eddy:

Design by Mark Creps:

Design by Richard Hansson:

Design by Oz Loya:

Design by Ashley Eddy:

Design by Peter Lenart:

Design by Henry Creps:

Design by Meghan O’Reilly:

Design by Adam Pekor:


47 Responses to Geeky Jerseys – Design Submissions

  1. Jack says:

    The robot with the tag line, 100% User Friendly is great! I would pick that design (aj dooley) out of all them.

  2. I have a hard time picturing most of the these on a jersey I’d want to wear. I’m not sure if having the geekier line branded is even really necessary, to be honest.

    Good luck!

  3. Dave Delisle says:

    If I had to pick, it would just be the ‘Geeky Jersey’ wordmark from Peter Lenart’s design. Nothing against the monsters, but I’d like a simple color-neutral design that can sit on any jersey.

  4. Rikard Stelpe says:

    The design by Richard Hansson is awsome. Best of them all

  5. Justin says:

    Peter Lenart! The whole design is amazing. The monsters/creatures/robots, the colors, and that wordmark is perfect! Nice job, Peter. I hope that design is on some upcoming Geeky Jerseys.

  6. jtpednaud says:

    Speaking as a profesional logo designer, the Derek Heilmann glasses and sticks combo and the Dave Delisle comic code inspired ‘stamp’ are the best of the bunch from a practical standpoint. Great little recognizable icons that scale well and can be reproduced in greyscale. Personally, I would snap one up in an instant with some slight alterations. The rest, while creative, would not translate well across mediums and I can see major issues in creating practical items.

  7. Robert serra says:

    Richard Hansson is number 1!

  8. ella says:

    richard hansson´s design is the best!

  9. linn says:

    i vote for richard hansson!

  10. Amber Ponder says:

    Derek Heilmann #2

  11. Terry says:

    Speaking as the owner of ten Geeky Jerseys, I think I would just prefer the Rinkgear logo and leave it at that. Not all the jersey designs are meant to be playful or lighthearted. For example, the Game of Thrones jerseys would be diminished by many of these cartoony logos.

  12. Edward says:

    My vote goes to Henry Creps design #1. Many of the other designs are way too busy and have nothing to do with hockey.

    What happened to the submission by Ned Glysson?

  13. BULTA says:

    Richard Hansson’s, definitely!

  14. dubbelröstarbultson says:

    I like richard Hanssons, great work!!

  15. Airborn says:

    Without a doubt AJ Dooley, I love that tag line.

  16. Rbeatty says:

    I am really like the whole 100% User friendly part of the 8bit hockey player. If I had to have one of these as my logo, it would be the 8 bit guy. So Dooley has my vote.

  17. Lennartsson says:

    Richard Hansson! Great job on that.

  18. Dom says:

    dude! AJ Dooley’s design with the hockey player

  19. Silwärn says:

    Richard Hansson , big time!

  20. Linus says:

    Richard Hansson, OFC!

  21. Sarah says:

    AJ Dooley hands down!

  22. Taylor says:

    As a designer, I would take the one most related to your project and work with the designer to make it more along the lines of what you are looking for. With that being said, I would go with the old style hockey player from the classic hockey game (aj dooley’s design) and can’t pass up the line about it being user friendly. Make that into what you are looking for. So my vote goes to Dooley’s design.. Its geeky without being over geeky, its retro and classic to hockey.

  23. henrik rolf says:

    Richard Hansson´s is awesome!

  24. Nick Robbsion says:

    Diggin’ both of Aj’s entrys.

  25. Jung says:

    Without a doubt, the hockey player logo/tag. Easy to read, understand stand within one quick glance. Overall rather pleasing. Dooley’s design is the one to go with.

  26. Crystal says:

    100% User Friendly, lol…. I would want that on one of my jerseys. Go with that design… preferably the pixel hockey player.

  27. devoureddisfear says:

    I think Richard Hanssons is the best. Dinoriders are awsome and so is he

  28. Axel says:

    Richard Hansson gets my vote! If he was nominated for president i would vote for him again!

  29. Rider says:

    Would have to disagree…. It seems too much for a tag. Tags on jerseys are suppose to be simple. One quick look and you know what it is. Being a small area on a jersey, some of these would be hard to make out. The problem I have with the dino design, compacting it down makes it hard to make out what the words are. Along with some of the designs with smaller words.

    If I had to chose one, it would be Dooley’s designs. Secondly I would also pick Eddy’s design.

  30. Adam says:

    Some of these designs including the dino have words that are too small to make out when shrunk down to tag designs… I am picking Dooleys, Eddys or Loyas….

  31. John says:

    Dooley, Eddy or Loya

  32. Authier says:

    Go with some of the more traditional “tag” layouts. Loya, Tracewell and Dooley. I don’t believe some of the fonts will work out well when taken down to tag size on jerseys. Some of the text is plan hard to read at this size on the page. I can’t even make out what the heck Hanssons’ says without having to lean in closer. Crepes design’s font at the bottom was also hard to make out

  33. Tim says:

    I want a jersey with an 8 bit hockey player on it. I love NHL 94!! Make Aj Dooley’s design the winner and I’ll buy a jersey just to have that on it.

  34. MEC says:

    Whatever is chosen, I honestly think it should have a hockey theme to it – even though dinoriders/aliens, etc. might be cool, it’s not something I’m going to want on a Robotech, Game of Thrones, Zelda etc. jersey – it doesn’t fit. If a design such as this is chosen, please make it an option to not have the tag included.

  35. Rider says:

    The 8 Bit Hockey Player!!! Pick that one, please. Go with aj dooley’s tag.

  36. Derek says:

    Do we know what the new deadline is? I may have one other design to enter.

  37. Matt says:

    I pick Aj Dooley’s design the one with the hockey player.

  38. Rider says:

    Well this things seems like old news, no one has posted in a long time. Any idea when you are going to close it and post the winners? Doesn’t seem like anyone else is going to enter this contest. If you don’t like any of the designs then just pick someone to award a prize to and come up with you’re own design instead of stretching this out past the point where it just gets shoved under a rock.

  39. mike says:

    Mine never made it up there, oh well

  40. lacie says:

    I am going to with Aj Dooley’s design out of all of these. I have noticed that this has been up for a while without any new designs addded. Any chance of finding out when the winner will be announced?

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