Geeky Jerseys – Logo & Tag Design Contest

We’ve got exciting news! No, bacon-flavored Diet Coke is still a myth. Uh no, George Lucas is not turning Skywalker Ranch into a bed and breakfast.

We’re launching a new line called “Geeky Jerseys” which will be the brand that we make all of our special novelty jerseys under. RinkGear will still be your source for team uniforms and other gear.

On that note, we’re celebrating with a design contest!

We’re looking for a logo for our new line and we’d love some help. Create the best Geeky Jerseys logo and you could win two jerseys (a value of $200) – and bragging rights. Your design will also be featured on all of our jerseys, as well as our web site!

And just to make things interesting, we’ll also offer two $50 gift cards to the 2nd and 3rd placed designs. These gift cards can be used towards any purchase from our site, and can be gifted to a friend.

Here is what we need:
We’d like a strong character, icon, or mascot for our logo ‑ one that will offer brand identity and recognition. Most of our geeky jerseys have retro and comic inspirations. So get nostalgic. (Think of the days when you used to blow into your Nintendo cartridges to make them work.)

Some finer details:

– Design a “Geeky Jerseys” logo with a graphic and the company name.
– Design a 4″ wide x 2″ tall jersey tag incorporating the logo you’ve created. Tag must also include the site address:
– Include a tagline or slogan. This bit is OPTIONAL, but could score you some points if you come up with something snappy!
– Submit a color and neutral (black white) version of the logo and tag.
– Images should be presented on a single sheet (650x650px) including your name.
– Please submit all art in JPG/PNG. Up to 3 entries allowed per artist.
– Send submissions to:
– Contest deadline is: Sept. 16

Looking forward to your submissions and best of luck!


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