Make It 8 – Design Contest

Thanks to all of those who have either submitted a design, commented on one, or just stopped by to check them out. We really appreciate you taking the time!

We’ve been extremely busy putting together summer league jerseys, and some of the other awesome jersey concepts that you can check out at:

We will be leaving the contest open until April 1, at which time the voting will commence!

We apologize to those who entered early, and were anxious to see the results this month.

For contest rules, please see:

Make It 8 Submissions:

Saskatoon Barrage by Jonathan Tweedle:

Quebec Nordiques by Fabio Bura:

Nova Scotia Destroyers by Neil Baseley:

Quebec Owls byRichard F. Mazella II:

Quebec Nordiques by Gareth Webb

Saskatoon Blizzard by Leo Strawn Jr.:

Cape Breton Islanders by Adam Tremblay:

Quebec Nordiques by Tim O’Brien:

Halifax Mariners by Rich Lunghino:

BC Lumberjacks by Justin Cox:

Quebec Tempest by Ryan Barber:

Halifax Helmsmen by Stephen Griesmer:

Halifax Prowlers by AJ Dooley:

Quebec Nordiques by Mike Ivall:

Yorkton Reapers by Andrew Hall:

Victoria Cougars by Dawson Elliot:

Niagara Northern Lights by Shane Kroeker:


13 Responses to Make It 8 – Design Contest

  1. Andy Bazzone says:

    Looking at the lumberjacks logo, it made me think it looks a lot like the Muskegon LumberJacks logo.

    that is just me but go have a look and compare the two.

  2. leo strawn jr says:

    helmsmen anchor/h logo is very similar to the traditional anchor hocking glass logo…

    • Justin says:

      How much different can an anchor get? Yet the Cape Brenton Islanders logos use NY Islanders logos and nobody comments? Haha

      • leo strawn jr says:

        it’s not an “anchor”…it’s an anchor with an “H” across the middle, and it’s a copyrighted logo that has been in use for about 100 years…

        additionally, i was addressing the people who are putting on this contest (which i assume you are not), since they can’t make jerseys with copyrighted logos without permission, so i wanted to bring this to their attention because anchor hocking developed this logo about a century ago and still uses it…

        as for the rest of your comment, i’m not sure what the cape breton islanders have to do with any of this anyway…i searched to see what it was you were caterwauling about, and all i could find was this…and this is not the new york islanders logo, and never was…

        plus, i’m not involved with either club in any way, so if it bothers you, perhaps you could contact one of the clubs with your issues, because your argument has nothing to do with me or with what i said…

      • leo strawn jr says:

        oh, after looking back through these, i see that there was an entry called cape breton islanders, and that the designer did use a ny islanders logo…

        that oversight is because i have nothing to do with this contest (aside from having entered something in it)…

        if i was running this contest, yes, i would have liked to have that pointed out, but you should address your concerns to rinkgear, i have nothing to do with their company…

        the only reason i even pointed out the anchor hocking logo is because i was born and raised in the city where anchor hocking started, most of my family has worked for them, and therefore, i am very familiar with their branding…i didn’t go through the entries one-by-one to see which logos are original and which ones are not, it’s just that one stood out to me for obvious reasons…

        so, again, please address your issues to rinkgear, because it really doesn’t have anything to do with me, just as i was doing with the anchor logo, because that really doesn’t have anything to do with you…

  3. Justin says:

    When will the results be announced?

  4. rinkgear says:

    Thank you all for your comments. After going over some of the points raised, we have decided that the Islanders logo did you borrowed artwork, and thus, did not qualify for our contest. The other designs display enough originality to remain.

  5. Dan Glatt says:

    I like the Saskatoon Barrage and the Victoria Cougars ones the best . . . The Nordique cocepts are really neat as well . . . I would actually be interested in the Barrage one if it were available . . .

  6. Jonathan Buma says:

    I also like the Saskatoon Barrage, it works for me and doesn’t look cliche.

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