Occupy Wall Street – Jersey Design Contest


Designed by Andy Hall:

Designed by Brian J. Schneider:

Designed by Stephen Griesmer:

Designed by Jason Lean:


Designed by Andy Hall:


6 Responses to Occupy Wall Street – Jersey Design Contest

  1. Andy Hall says:

    So many good designs…lol I like that Andy Hall guy..he …He does good work..lol

  2. ian yelf says:

    shameless promotion andy lol the snake one is clever but i think the guy fawkes mask makes me think of the movement the most, its actually been used in conjunction with the oppression they feel and i don’t get lean’s black concept at all.

  3. Steve says:

    Do we have a winner?

  4. Andy Martens says:

    wasn’t me..LOL um….there’s 2 Andy Hall’s…LOL

  5. tsbcreative says:

    Just want to say the Andy Hall at the top of this thread isn’t me.

    I created the wall street snakes work.

    Not sure who the guys is at the top but he clearly like my work 🙂

    Well done to Jason, great idea and well executed.

  6. Danielle says:

    The only problem is the Fawkes mask is a Hollywood copyright nightmare as it was created for the film V for Vendetta… Someone might get a C&D over it.
    I dig the 99% jersey myself… =)

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