Jersey Design Contest –

If you’ve ever looked up a hockey tutorial on Youtube, chances are you’ve seen the fine folks at HowToHockey in action.

Not only do they put up videos for just about every skill you’ll ever need to learn, they do it in a way that is fun, informative, and easy to follow.

But their videos are missing one very important thing – an awesome jersey from RinkGear!

So, for this contest, we’re just looking for a fresh jersey design.

The instructions for this one are simple…

1) The logo (see below) must appear on the jersey (preferably on chest).
2) A RinkGear logo must also appear on the jersey.
3) Name/number must appear on the back.
4) Submit design no later than October 14.

Aside from those 3 little rules, the sky is the limit. Stripes can go in any direction. Logos can be set as you please. And colors are limitless.

The winning designer will receive a complimentary jersey with any name and number they would like.

You can also purchase your own HowToHockey jersey (with your name and number) for a limited time for only $60.

And to make things even sweeter, HowToHockey and RinkGear will be donating $10 from each jersey sale towards the Canadian Tire Jumpstart charity.

For purchase information, or if you’re a designer in need of our logos or jersey templates, please contact us at:

Best of luck to all designers, and thank you in advance to all supporters.

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  1. […] How To Hockey. If you, or anyone you know has a knack for design they can submit a design on the how to hockey jersey contest page. You can also visit that link to see the most recent designs, I have included a few […]

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