Let’s start things off with a redesign contest!

Pew Pew Lasers - Click to Enlarge

One of our local teams is looking for a logo and jersey redesign. We will be accepting submissions up until September 5. The winner will get one of the new jerseys, with their choice of name and number ($100 value).

The team name is the “Pew Pew Lasers”, and the only requirement for the design, is that it has something to do with lasers, preferably laser guns. The penguin is not necessary, but it’s something you might consider. Perhaps a bad-ass penguin, with a stubby cigar dangling from his beak, Rambo headband, wielding a menacing laser gun!

The jersey will be sublimated, which means there is no limit as to what you can do with the design. You can have graphics anywhere on the front, back, and arms.

There must be place for the players name and number on the back. The main color of the jersey should also be unique enough not to blend in with some of the other teams (generally blue, black, white, red).

Please submit your design to: info@rinkgear.com

The winner will be announced on Sept. 9.

Please also be sure to join us on Facebook for current and future contest updates: www.facebook.com/rinkgearjerseys

Thank you, and best of luck to all 🙂


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