Zombies 2.0 jerseys are here!

October 31, 2012

The official Zombies 2.0 jersey is now available at Geeky Jerseys.

In other news, it looks as though there may have been a zombie invasion, and Sean Cox was the only one to survive. He kicked so much zombie ass, that he put together this gnarly design!

If you guys like, we’ll gladly make it available, so please be sure to comment!


Zombies 2.0 Design Contest

October 4, 2012

You thought our zombie jerseys were dead and buried but because of the huge demand, we are raising them from the grave! And with Halloween and the third season of The Walking Dead fast approaching, there is no better time.

Let’s have some fun with this one. We’re showing off our creation below, but we want you to post your designs as well. We’ll give everyone an opportunity to comment on the one they like and the winning design will go on sale on Halloween from our new site: www.GeekyJerseys.com

By the way, if your design is chosen, you’ll see your artwork brought to life, and you’ll also receive  commission on every jersey that we sell. You’ll also get a jersey made for yourself, with your choice of name/number! So shake a (severed) leg and get drawing before we make anymore undead puns.

For jersey fans, we need your valued feedback. Tell us what you think of our design and what you’d love to see in a jersey that you’d wear. Post your comments here!

Thanks everyone! Trick or Treat!

The rules are simple:

– Create a team logo and jersey design (team name is optional).
– Submit one image sheet, with jersey front and back.
– If your jersey has crests/logos, be sure to also display them separately (just like our design above).
– Only 1 concept per person.
– Label the design with  your name (or pseudonym) as well as the name of your design.
– Must use all original art. Do not borrow from existing or past jerseys.
– All submissions due by: October 28.

Submit all concepts to: info@rinkgear.com

Follow us for updates:

Twitter: twitter.com/RinkGear
Facebook: www.facebook.com/rinkgearjerseys

Geeky Jerseys – Design Submissions

September 27, 2012

We wanted to give a colossal thank you to everyone who have submitted designs to our Geeky Jerseys logo/tag design contest!

Since this is a pretty big deal to us, we’ve decided to extend the submission date of the contest. This will allow more of you to share ideas as well as provide feedback on the ones posted below.

We know that you were all expecting us to announce a winner, so to avoid being a total buzz kill,we’ll award a $100 gift prize to the design below that generated the most buzz here in the comments section.

Again, this contest is still open, so please feel free to submit your ideas to: info@rinkgear.com

Thank you all again 🙂

Note: If you submitted a design and it does not appear below, you might not have followed the submissions details. Please review and resubmit and we’ll gladly post it.

Design by Derek Heilmann:

Design by Jason Lean:

Design by Dave Delisle:

Design by Jason Tracewell:

Design by AJ Dooley:

Design by Kristopher Eddy:

Design by Mark Creps:

Design by Richard Hansson:

Design by Oz Loya:

Design by Ashley Eddy:

Design by Peter Lenart:

Design by Henry Creps:

Design by Meghan O’Reilly:

Design by Adam Pekor:

Geeky Jerseys – Logo & Tag Design Contest

August 30, 2012

We’ve got exciting news! No, bacon-flavored Diet Coke is still a myth. Uh no, George Lucas is not turning Skywalker Ranch into a bed and breakfast.

We’re launching a new line called “Geeky Jerseys” which will be the brand that we make all of our special novelty jerseys under. RinkGear will still be your source for team uniforms and other gear.

On that note, we’re celebrating with a design contest!

We’re looking for a logo for our new line and we’d love some help. Create the best Geeky Jerseys logo and you could win two jerseys (a value of $200) – and bragging rights. Your design will also be featured on all of our jerseys, as well as our web site!

And just to make things interesting, we’ll also offer two $50 gift cards to the 2nd and 3rd placed designs. These gift cards can be used towards any purchase from our site, and can be gifted to a friend.

Here is what we need:
We’d like a strong character, icon, or mascot for our logo ‑ one that will offer brand identity and recognition. Most of our geeky jerseys have retro and comic inspirations. So get nostalgic. (Think of the days when you used to blow into your Nintendo cartridges to make them work.)

Some finer details:

– Design a “Geeky Jerseys” logo with a graphic and the company name.
– Design a 4″ wide x 2″ tall jersey tag incorporating the logo you’ve created. Tag must also include the site address: http://www.geekyjerseys.com
– Include a tagline or slogan. This bit is OPTIONAL, but could score you some points if you come up with something snappy!
– Submit a color and neutral (black white) version of the logo and tag.
– Images should be presented on a single sheet (650x650px) including your name.
– Please submit all art in JPG/PNG. Up to 3 entries allowed per artist.
– Send submissions to: info@rinkgear.com
– Contest deadline is: Sept. 16

Looking forward to your submissions and best of luck!

Make It 8 – And the winner is…

May 11, 2012

Congratulations to Gareth Webb on his winning Quebec Nordiques concept.

Sure, the name might not be the most unique, but the design certainly was.

We apologize for the delay in announcing this. Our attempt at letting people vote on Facebook didn’t exactly go swimmingly, so we had some of our trusted design gurus weigh in and give their votes.

At the end of it all, this was the design that stood out to all of us most.

We’re going to be making some exciting announcements about future design competitions, so please stay tuned!

Also, be sure to check out some of the great jerseys we are offering at: www.facebook.com/rinkgearjerseys

Thank you all again.

Jerseys available this month!

April 13, 2012

For the month of April, we’re offering this all star trio of jerseys that are sure to be the envy of all of your friends.

Every jersey is custom made, and personalized with the name and number of your choosing. You can even put a captain’s patch on the chest to really show off!

Don’t miss out, as most of these will be a one-time offer.

All order inquiries can be sent to: info@rinkgear.com

Make It 8 – Voting Change

April 13, 2012

We’ve had several people contact us to express their concerns for the voting process we used in this contest.

The Facebook voting system allows friends to show their support, without actually doing what we set out to do… Vote on designs.

To make it fair to everyone, we will be presenting the designs to unbiased judges, to allow a fair and even vote.

We will announce the decision next week on our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/rinkgearjerseys